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First and foremost, Thank You for dropping by and Welcome to IncomeSiteBuilder.com! I am Stanley Ng and I have been building online income sites since 2016.

You can earn an income many ways and I choose to build online income streams simply because it makes most sense to be investing in online business as we are living in an increasingly digital economy.

It also fits my lifestyle wanting to work from anywhere, anytime and gives me the best ROI for my time and resources. I have started ‘brick and mortar’ businesses, and still running them which easily cost tens of thousands to start while an online business you can start from minimal investments with a computer, internet access and some platform / software tools.

However, to really run a full-time business, you will need approach it as such and start to look at how much to invest, both in time and money to achieve the top line (revenue) and bottom line (profit) objectives you set for yourself.

After researching and learning about the online industry, I have summarized this industry in the following diagram.

Online Business Landscape

It was led by the internet marketers who created a make money online movement that became an industry and was followed and adopted by agencies and corporate as business transformation and digitization moves in the direction of a digital economy.

Regardless of whether you an entrepreneur, small business or large company, you will need same knowledge and skills about how to start, grow and manage an online business. The knowledge and actions are similar, only the scale is different.


I worked for several fortunes 500 multinationals for 25 years. Since 2015, I became an entrepreneur, consultant, coach and trainer in digitization strategies in product development and project management. I also started become what is known as a digital solopreneur (one-person entrepreneur), learning as much as I can about doing business online and leveraging those knowledge and skills to build multiple online income streams.

While there are opportunities to earn income online, there is also a lot of misinformation, distractions and significant gaps in expectations. The diagram above shows the different occupations online (people), different business processes and all the compliance for an online business.

While going about building my online income site, I have spent time and money on many products and services and tried many, learning and taking action to build my online business at the same time.

Based on my experience, I have come to the following conclusion:

  • Many products make audacious claims but failed to meet expectations
  • 85% of the products, training or software are doing the same thing
  • 5% of the products are truly exceptional and unique
  • 10% of the products have some good differentiation

Therefore, the challenge for anyone building an online business is really navigating their way around to set the right goals and expectations and acquire the knowledge to take the right actions that lead to results.

This is the reason for IncomeSiteBuilder. You do not need to make the same mistakes, waste time, money and effort only to get discouraged and give up on your dreams of creating an online income for yourself.

I have simplified the model as follows:

About Stanley Ng, Income Site Builder and You 1

IncomeSiteBuilder is not for everyone. The information and content can benefit many but I am focused on the following:

  • First time online entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneurs and/or small business owners with offline businesses wanting to expand online
  • You started dabbling online but want to grow your online business
  • You want to create a digital product for your online business

That is the reason for this site. I want to share what works for me building websites that create income streams and if you are on the same journey, you may benefit from the experience and resources here. 

About Stanley Ng, Income Site Builder and You 2


I think it is always good to know what we are not about so you can focus on what we are doing. It will become very clear to you the community and people we engage with the eventually journey together building online income.

The following 3 common practices you faced in Internet Marketing which we DO NOT practice.


It is my experience you reap what you sow. Therefore, you will not find “get rich” schemes and promotions here. Yes, I know they are very common online and everyone have a weakness for “magic bullets or pills,” that can make you rich overnight. This is NOT one of them.

Our focus is on building online income streams and business that are sustainable over the long term.


I will not waste time on creating wealth flashing videos of me on a yacht or private island with lots of cash. Since we are NOT get-rich-quick scheme, there is NO NEED for us to insult your intelligence with such content. We intend to be truthful and transparent with our experience and views.


I still run a brick-and-mortar consulting business, coaching and conducting certification training for product and project managers. Many of my students use the skills they learn from me to earn an income, often through a job. Therefore, having a job is an income stream is great and there is nothing wrong with that and I have tremendous respect for people who love their jobs and provide for their families.

Many of us are happy with our jobs and we want to insulate ourselves against risks of single source of income, i.e. putting all our eggs in one basket, therefore investing some time and money to build an extra source of income stream is a wise decision in today’s uncertain world.

I believe that is the right thing to do, and a responsible one in the uncertain times we live in today. The online medium is excellent for this. You can work from anywhere, any time you are available and have a business running 24 x 7. I have build multiple income streams for myself and building online income sites gives me better leverage of time, space and resources.


You are here because you want to explore this option of building an online income. Every one of us building an online business is an Income Site Builder. You need a business address or premise and in the online world, this real estate is a website and domain name.

Our goal is to share our experience in this journey of building income site(s) so we can learn from each other. We are peers in this journey and as a solopreneur, it helps learning from each other so we can all be successful in our own way.

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One of the challenges you would face building an income site is there are a lot of “noise” out there and many tools and products. You will get overwhelm, confused and distracted. Just by AVOIDING the mistakes would be extremely productive and keep you focused on your journey. You will save a lot of time, effort and money which is important when you a doing most of this alone especially if you are just starting out.

However, we won’t have all the answer as the digital world is vast and dynamic. We can engage with one another, consult to share information so we can make better decisions.

I encourage you to comment and ask questions. I am committed to answer them as this will benefit us all.

This would increase our capacity and effectiveness as we are leveraging each others knowledge and experience.

Therefore, I will:


You will get to know the strategies I take and products I use in the reviews and blogs. Some of which are not in my niche, but if I find them useful, I will share and give my views on them. You will learn about platforms, tools and strategies. As I mentioned earlier, do participate by commenting so we can learn from each other.

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Being an Income Site Builder can be a lonely journey. Do not just make it you and your computer. Reach out and engage, I hope to make friends with fellow income site builders and hope we can consult and collaborate with each other. Together, we can make this journey more meaningful and beneficial for all.


This is not the first objective since you need to see value and connect before you make any purchase. As fellow income site builders, we are building an income for online income sources, which may include affiliate links, product promotions and advertising.

I am totally transparent that I may get compensation if you sign up or make a purchase. You don’t pay more by using my links – in fact, sometimes you get a better deal! Please note that as a responsible marketer, I only recommend products that I personally use, have tried and believe they are helpful.

As with every blog, I will try to do my best to ensure the facts are correct at the time of publishing and hope our ideas and information will benefit all our audience and connect with them.

Please read the privacy policy and disclosure and disclaimer.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them at the related blog comment section or email me at help@incomesitebuilder.com

You look around the site or get started here.

Wish you happiness, health and success in your journey,

Stanley NG


8 thoughts on “About Stanley Ng, Income Site Builder and You”

  1. I love the site theme and layout. Wonderful post! I am learning here as a new affiliate marketer.
    Love and great regards,

    (You can see my site below. I just started working on it. Any comments will be greatly appreciated.)

  2. Years ago, I invested over $50,000 in a 1-hour photo processing store.

    Smartphones……..no such thing. Many were taking photos using the old method of camera and film rolls.

    I left the business long before the smartphones came along and I am glad I did. I was able to sell the business and the equipment without taking a huge loss. But it was a loss just the same.

    The lesson I learned was to keep on plugging away….keep on searching for the right opportunity. Never give up if one has entrepreneurial blood running through their veins. But research, research and research again before laying out large sums of money on a service that was likely to succumb to emerging technologies.

    • You are right, Eric. That is the excitement and occupational hazard of being an entrepreneur. Need to take the opportunities and risk at the same time. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Hi Stanley,
    I love your site and your style. You and I share many of the same views in life and on business, on and offline as well as the fact that there is nothing at all wrong with having a job – which is, of course, contrary to much of the internet get rich quick with no work and no knowledge while sitting on your mothers couch in the basement at 30-years-old nonsense.

    What I belive in is hard work, specialized knowledge, consistent effort and plain old fashioned being determined to make something happen and willing to work to actually do it.

    As I work to learn more about affiliate marketing and to continiously build my own businesses both on and offline (while working a JOB) I will be certain to read your blog often and your posts inside WA .

    Thanks for the info – and I look forward to continuing to learn all that I can from you!

    Best regards,

    L.D. Sewell


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