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About You and Income Site Builder

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I like to begin by talking about YOU and Income Site Builder.

Yes, you because this site and every site on the internet should be about you.

Now, let me introduce myself.

Hello, I am Stanley Ng. Thank you for visiting this site among the millions on the internet and I am honored to Welcome you to income Site Builder.

We will first cover some information about about how this site can benefit you and then I will share some information about my journey.

Who is this site for?

If you…

  • are an aspiring online entrepreneur
  • are looking for ways to earn income through affiliate marketing
  • want to start on online business
  • are a small business trying to expand online
  • want to earn a side income
  • just want to start a blog

Then this site is for you.

How can you benefit?

Getting Started

Our focus of Getting Started is simple. Help you get started quickly.

We show you using step-by-step guides how to get going. The goal is for you to accomplish a Starting Up action.

Growing Your Business

Getting Started is the beginning. As you grow your business, the will be new knowledge and actions to be taken.

Overcoming problems and challenges is part of the journey of any business. Here, we focus on solutions to some of these problems and challenges.

About You and Income Site Builder 1

Resources and Tools

To run an online business, you will depend on resources to learn and apply strategies and tactics.

You will also need tools for running an online business, we will share tools that we use and some industry leading tools as well.

Why do you need IncomeSiteBuilder?

The reality is you have access to much of the information on the internet.

Many see the potential of an online business and got started with trying out one or two things, usually free. Over time, they started doing more and paying but these things don't seem to be achieving the goal of earning an online income consistently.

I was one of these people and I compiled the online business landscape in a summary diagram below.

Online Business Landscape

Many people I know who were working for larger companies, when they setup their online e-Commerce business spend a bundle and then failed.

The above diagram explains it. The online landscape today is complex and no one can tell you exactly how Google SEO works except Google. We do know some things about it as revealed by Google but many of the analytics in the Google search engine is trade secret. The same with Facebook and the other giants of technology.

So, should you give up?

Absolutely not.

We just need to take a simpler route. One that answers the question…

What is the ONE thing I NEED TO DO today to get my business going?

This is the purpose for Income Site Builder. To break down the complexity to “Getting Started” and “Growing Your Business.”

About You and Income Site Builder 2

After researching and learning about the online industry for two years, I restarted building my online business from the ground up using a simple principle of applying knowledge in a specific and objective manner so that you can take action by doing the ONE thing and get results that would form the foundation of your online business long term.

In summary, you get the following from

  • Step-by-step Starter Guides
  • Action Guides or Check lists
  • Solutions to online business problems or challenges
  • Resources and tools to help you in your business

Now is a good time to introduce myself and how I got here.


About You and Income Site Builder 3
Me with Patric Chan, ClcikBank Super Affiliate
About You and Income Site Builder 4
Me with Ryan Levesque, Author of The ASK Method

I worked for several fortunes 500 multinationals for 25 years. Since 2015, I became an entrepreneur and started several businesses.

When it comes to building my online business, I decided to learn from some of the best. I learn online, tried various programs and among those that I have the privilege to be coached and trained live are Patric Chan and Ryan Levesque.

While learning about the business and all the products available to you, it is a very busy and noisy marketplace.

I have paid lots of tuition fees and license fees to learn and use these software only to come to the following conclusion:

  • Many products make audacious claims but failed to meet expectations
  • 85% of the products, training or software are doing the same thing
  • 5% of the products are truly exceptional and unique
  • 10% of the products have some good differentiation

My value to you is to help you save time and money with my experience through the content on this site, and over deliver with the additional resources that I am providing here.

80% of the content and resources are provided for FREE, while 20% are affiliate content that should you find useful and would like to purchase, you would do so from our our links.

This is how affiliate marketing works and you will be learning exactly that here.

Building a business is a journey.

The most critical part of this journey is the two steps I identified.

  • Get Started
  • Grow the business.

If you do well and I wish all of you do and go past these two steps, scaling your business up is not an issue because by then you would have the cash flow to help you go further.

Will you hit a speed bump or pot hole?

Sure, you will if you are taking action but they are not failures. They are learning experiences on what would / could not work.

About You and Income Site Builder 5

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I will try to do my best to ensure all facts are correct at the time of publishing and hope our ideas and information will benefit all our audience and connect with them.

Please read the privacy policy and disclosure and disclaimer.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them at the related blog comment section or email me at

You look around the site or get started here.

Wish you good health, happiness and success in your journey,

Stanley NG


10 thoughts on “About You and Income Site Builder”

  1. I love the site theme and layout. Wonderful post! I am learning here as a new affiliate marketer.
    Love and great regards,

    (You can see my site below. I just started working on it. Any comments will be greatly appreciated.)

  2. Years ago, I invested over $50,000 in a 1-hour photo processing store.

    Smartphones…… such thing. Many were taking photos using the old method of camera and film rolls.

    I left the business long before the smartphones came along and I am glad I did. I was able to sell the business and the equipment without taking a huge loss. But it was a loss just the same.

    The lesson I learned was to keep on plugging away….keep on searching for the right opportunity. Never give up if one has entrepreneurial blood running through their veins. But research, research and research again before laying out large sums of money on a service that was likely to succumb to emerging technologies.

    • You are right, Eric. That is the excitement and occupational hazard of being an entrepreneur. Need to take the opportunities and risk at the same time. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Hi Stanley,
    I love your site and your style. You and I share many of the same views in life and on business, on and offline as well as the fact that there is nothing at all wrong with having a job – which is, of course, contrary to much of the internet get rich quick with no work and no knowledge while sitting on your mothers couch in the basement at 30-years-old nonsense.

    What I belive in is hard work, specialized knowledge, consistent effort and plain old fashioned being determined to make something happen and willing to work to actually do it.

    As I work to learn more about affiliate marketing and to continiously build my own businesses both on and offline (while working a JOB) I will be certain to read your blog often and your posts inside WA .

    Thanks for the info – and I look forward to continuing to learn all that I can from you!

    Best regards,

    L.D. Sewell

  4. Thanks Stanley, I am really impressed and intend to be a frequent visitor to your site as I think I can genuinely Lear an awful lot from you.
    Can you advise what social plugin you use please as I am having some trouble setting my own up on my 3 sites,
    Thank you.

    • Jim, I am using Monarch by Elegant Themes. It may be best to evaluate what fits best for all your three sites before committing to the plugin. There are many plugins but what fits your sites best would be the main driving decision factor.


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