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Introducing ‘eyeSlick'

$1M In VC Funding, Groundbreaking Technology!

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Create Video Channels You Can Sell Directly From With Live or Pre-Recorded Video, On This Viral eCom Phone/Mac/PC Platform

Who is the most successful business person you know?

What business do they have?

Could their business benefit from a massive stream of rabid buyers hungrily looking to engage, donate, purchase or buy that expert's time?

If you've got someone in mind … then your subscribers will LOVE our special agency offer. 

They'll be able to create their own channels OR invite clients and friends and will be rewarded with 5% of ALL future income on their referrers channels.

EyeSlick is perfect for ANY niche, online or offline.  Keep reading below to see some ideas for how our EyeSlick channels are being used in virtually any niche for any type of person, profession and skill set.

NOTE: eyeSlick has secured $1M in Venture Capital funding with the express purpose of driving traffic to channel creator's videos and explode this platform.  Your subscribers will be able to give away ground level access so the early channel creators will get a MASSIVE advantage including more (VC funded) paid traffic, better positioning, larger audiences and less competition…. until this gets HUGE! 

Or, they can gift/reward people with them using their agency licenses

Imagine… inviting the next Pewdie Pie to EyeSlick and passively pocketing 5% of ALL his future earnings?!? 

Or inviting a school teacher selling personal tutoring, a personal trainer selling one-on-one or small group coaching sessions, a DJ live streaming custom playlists for a wedding or birthday party or a tarot card reader offering readings by the minute.  

What about Russel Brunson or another high ticket webinar creator?  

And passively earning 5% of that businesses future income!

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EyeSlick is a brand new generation of live streaming.

Channel creators can
[+] Sell products while live on video
[+] Sell the videos themselves if they want
[+] Upload premade videos
[+] Sell digital or physical products and even 
[+] Sell their time for individual, small group or massive groups and charge automatically by the minute! 

They can even earn money from donations made on the platform, similar to sites like Twitch or Patreon. 

[+] Available to stream on computer (Mac or PC
[+] And to stream and/or watch (buy and sell!) on your phone in both the Apple store and Google Play store.

Early Bird Product Launch Sign-Up! 2

All I can say for now, find out yourself during launch!